Today I worked 10 – 5 and didn’t accomplish much else. It’s 8 o clock and I feel like going to bed. It’s amazing how standing around, selling shoes and sipping coffee can tire you out!

I’m not allowed to be tired for the rest of the week! Lots to do! Assignment corrections, thesis, PhD application, in that order. First thing tomorrow I go to school and correct! Then I need to start trolling for references… I would assume my supervisor would recommend me but number 2 will be a shot in the dark; I have some ideas though. Then I have to get the theoretical portion of my thesis banged out and being reviewed by the end of the week (ideally).

I had a mini business meeting with my sis and her boyfriend, who are officially undeadclothingco’s only staff. And they’re volunteers! I’m eager to see another version of the logo and improvements to the website. I’d like to have some of my never wallets up on etsy in January. January 2008! Undeadclothingco’s officialy buniess unveiling! Party time. Seriously, I’d like to have a party about it.

Apart from that, hm. Knitting circle thursday, I presume. Maybe some 90s dancing thursday night… it’s been a while. Hm. Yeah. Boringest post ever.

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