So this morning I had a wonderful idea. I started looking at schools I might consider applying to for my PhD. This was a great idea because it’s inspired me to actually work on my friggin thesis for the sake of getting it done. Yes, DONE. The sooner it’s “DONE” the sooner I can get to the editing stage… so in essence, DONE isn’t really complete at all. Anyway;

I think it would be wise to throw an app to these 3 schools;

1) Carleton. I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life, so there is a certain appeal in staying in a city I know and am comfortable in. Furthermore, I had a pretty good experience with my MA; good teachers, good courses, good campus, no complaints.

2) Ryerson/York. I wouldn’t have wanted to move to Toronto, but when I saw this COOL program, I realized I have to at least apply to it. It’s a PhD in Communication and Culture (not ‘sociology’) and it’s offered through both Ryerson and York universities. The rationale is that you have access to the best of both universities; York’s rigorous theoretical background, and Ryerson’s hands-on, empirical emphasis. Cool eh? Toronto is far from home, but I do have friends there and this program is too neat not to apply for.

3) McGill? I dunno, it doesn’t grab me very hard, but I feel like I should give Montreal a chance to be fair. It’s not as far as Toronto, and my sis lives there. Iunno. Couldn’t hurt to try. It is choice #3 though.

So yeah! Applications are due as early as mid-January 2008, so I gotta get on that. I’m going to start trolling for recommendations this week, and there’s a seminar on how to write good personal statements this Thurs.

That’s all the inspiration I needed!

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