Oof! It’s been a while since I’ve worked an 8 hour shift at the store and I forgot how they can suck up your entire day and wear you out!

Bizarre factoid; I left a small stack of my business cards on the flyer wall at Top of the World last Sunday… and as of Wednesday they’re ALL gone! There isn’t much info on those cards… weird. I’ll have to monitor my website counter to see if I’m getting more hits…

I had a great time at J’s craft night yesterday. I’m stoked that she lives so close! I could literally walk over for a visit if I wanted to (it’d take like, 45 mins, but still!) I am also eager to do business with her boyfriend, A. I like that while he has given me an idea of what he’d like, he’s leaving me a lot of agency as creative technician. That’s exactly the sort of business interaction I’m hoping to have with undeadclothingco. Custom… with an undead twist. I’m gonna work on his this weekend.

This past week literally flew by. FLEW! I couldn’t believe it was Friday today… now it’s almost the end of November and I’m nowhere near where I forecasted I’d be on my thesis. Gotta pick up the slack!

In other news, my nephew Finn turns 2 this weekend! I’m bringing the cupcakes! Hope he likes the alligater mittens I made him!

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