Task list for Thursday;

– Breakfast. Pancakes. First order of business.

– Put nice pretty photos up on undeadclothing.ca… in fact, today might be the day I shell out some bucks to get rid of those dang pop-ups and ads…

– Make wallets now that I have my labels? I’m only 50% stoked on them… thing is, I wanted them to have a black background. Jennifer printed the black onto white ribbon, so the black is kinda… dingy? Faded. When I sew it against pure black fabric, it looks pretty ghetto. I’ve mentioned the matter to Jennifer who was a very nice and courteous vendor, but if she can’t print onto black ribbon I don’t think I’ll use her services again.

– ummmm, thesis of course. 😛

– Look into PhD application. OH GOD! No, there’s no way I’m ready to do this today. That’s a weekender.

– Dinner with Anna! It’s been ages!

– Knitting circle at J’s! YAAAYYY!

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