I wish I could just declare the week of my period to be a total write-off. Seriously. If I could have the entire week to spend (medicated) in bed, I would be that much happier, as well as those around me.

But of course, this arrangement is impossible. Not only does life go on that wonderful week, but it tends to go on, and on, and on. This is the week of important events, deadlines, meetings, parties. This is the week someone will throw something completely unexpected at you and anticipate a rational response. How, I ask, is this fair?

The catalyst for this rant is that I’m all gussied up for Cherry Pie, a networking event for Ottawa businesswomen. A night to SHMOOZE, to shmingle, to be in a great mood and make friends with everyone around you. Perfect for my current state. Let me tell you, extravagant makeup is not compatible with sporadic crying fits. I couldn’t be less in the mood for tonight.

On a more positive note… ?

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