Today was an undead day!

It began with volume 2 of the small business workshops at Carleton. The workshops are both inspiring and terrifying; they give you a LOT to consider when starting a business, but they provide you with so much information.

Then I met with Kevin for a mini photo-shoot; just the wallets 3 I’ve already completed and the 2 sets of coasters. I was a bit grumpy that this was all I had for him. If I had my labels in this week, I’d have had another 4 or 5 to shoot. Kevin’s photography is so amazing though; I can’t believe how much better the product looks in his photos than in mine. It’s not just that they’re nicer photos; tt makes a tremendous difference. He still wants to edit them slightly and add my logo to the bottom corner. Then he’s going to print them and drop them off to me Sunday!

To any and all fledgling models out there; if you’re looking for a good photographer to add glamour shots to your portfolio, I couldn’t recommend Kevin more strongly. Apart from his excellent work ethic and commitment to quality, he is a very decent, stand-up guy. Undeadclothingco is lucky to have him!

To see his other work and/or contact him, visit his website.

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