Yesterday was the most productive day EVER!

Normally, when Tom and I have Mac he wakes us up at 7 and Tom gets up and I roll over and go back to sleep. Yesterday, I decided to get up and get cracking on my T.A. assignments. As such, I had them finished and in the mail by 11am! Then I worked on my thesis for hours and hours, doing laundry simultaneously. I worked on both an empirical portion and a theoretical one. Then, when Tom headed out to the hockey game, I made wallets and wallet and wallets.

Actually, I didn’t finish any wallets; I just made a whole bunch of the interiors. The interiors are the trickiest part, what with the interfacing and the zippers and shit. I’m waiting till I get those labels in before I tape them and add leather exteriors. I wish they’d come!

I did one black and red wallet interior that looked like it needed something on the change purse. So I drew up a quickie logo of a heart with batwings on it. It’s an idea I’ve had based on a doodle I made in my notes at school last year. I bleached it into the change purse and it looks AWESOME. Pics to come when my camera batteries charge (yeah yeah, my camera needs batteries.)

Later last night I get an email from my sister’s boyfriend, who is a graphic designer. He’s been tinkering around with some logos for undeadclothingco. So he sends me these two logos and they look almost exactly like the one I bleached into the wallet! I was very impressed and very very excited! In fact, my excitement carried on to this morning; I sat at my computer with a cup of coffee and squealed with delight when I saw that it was in fact as cute as I remembered it.


How cute is that little frigger?! I have some ideas for tweaking which are apparently welcome because I am apparently also “art director” of undeadclothingco. How rad it that? I must remember to add it to my resume.

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