My schoolwork slacking is starting to catch up with me. I had a meeting with my supervisor yesterday to hand me back a portion of a chapter I had written. His feedback was pretty good, but now that I have a clearer idea of what I’ve got to do, I can see how friggin much I’ve got to do! Plus, my T.A. assingments are kicking in pretty hard; the class has one every week from now until the final. The good news is that as the weather gets colder and shittier, I’m less inclined to procrastinate.

Still waiting on business cards and labels. Maybe today?

I’d really like to have them in time for Cherry Pie; a meet and shmooze event for Ottawa’s businesswomen. I found out about it through facebook. I looked it up on, and the event got good reviews for past years. The event listing says to definately bring business cards to circulate around, but I’m wondering if I should be bringing some product too. I mean, my business card just links to my website, which sucks. Maybe I can get it looking up by the event, which is Tues Nov 12. at Helsinki lounge.

Today: T.A. assignments, thesis thesis thesis

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