It’s funny and a little sad to look back at an earlier post and see how excited you were for the night before. Last night was ok… my mood was a little hampered by having to work till 9 and the fact that someone broke my precious Sharper Image hair straightener. It’s hard to get your groove back after that shit! Plus, Tom was still feeling like crap; actually, I think he’s worse than before.

He was a good sport though; let me put zombie makeup all over him and drag him out to the bar. He looked fantastic. The fact that he was already ill helped his undead look by a lot! My costume was pretty good too, I think. Some stupid chick came up to me outside and exclaimed that I was dressed up as a “make-out slut”, a term I didn’t know existed. Apparently she mistook the blood all around my mouth for smeared lipstick? Brilliant.

Tonight is knitting circle as the first day of November. November has to be THESIS MONTH! I’ve been slacking long enough. According to the timeline on my research proposal, I’m supposed to be DONE and EDITING by 2008! I’m not in bad shape though; my supervising is reviewing a potential chapter segment, and I think I know what I’m doing. I hope!

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