My boyfriend who kept me up all night with his snoring made it up to me with a pancake breakfast :). Ugh, what a night. In addition to the snoring/waking up, I had crazy frantic dreams; one involved eating what I thought was some spaghetti in the dark, and then walking into the light and finding the plate full of wasps. In another, I was visiting a local prison that was built underground… I was going to the warden’s office and the hallway got narrower and narrower… *shudder*. That one’s gotta be from watching too much prison break on DVD!
Creatively, not much else going on. I’ve been working on a wallet for my friend Vanessa becuase a) she needs one badly, b) I’d like a test subject to see how my wallets wear, and c) I love her. Thing is, she’s vegan, so I can’t use my leather. This has turned out to be a way bigger problem that I could have ever imagined…. Usually, I make the interior and go all around the edges in bias tape. Then I simply stitch it on to the leather exterior, sandwiching the snap strap in between. I can get away with this, because the leather leaves a good cut adge; it won’t fray or anything. Making a wallet with a cotton/polyester exterior necessitates me going all around the entire wallet with bias tape, which is really tough! Plus, I can’t figure out how to install the snap strap while keeping the entire perimeter of the wallet taped!
Sorry animal-lovers, this is the last vegan wallet undeadclothingco EVER makes (unless she can find a synthetic product with good raw edges. For a good price.)
I vented my frustration by making two wallet exteriors featuring some form of violence against animals
****(before PITA comes to douse me in red paint, know that I am referring to my frustration for synthetic products, not my frustration with animal-kind! Actually, my cat did wake me up several times this morning, whining to go play outside. Then I finally get up and take her to the door, but she doesn’t want to go anymore because it’s raining! GAH!)
Oh, poor mister chicky… did your head pop off??

mmm, savory sirloin!

The irony is that the steak one is foiled onto velour – VEGAN!

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