Today is a rainy shit-sandwich day, and normally I don’t like rainy shit-sandwich days. However, now that I “work from home” and don’t necessarily have to go out in the shit-sandwich rain, it’s a great excuse to take a day for crafts!

Today I’m going to test out my new Linda MacPhee foil kit… I put some glue in a design last night and I’m going to try to foil it. Exciting! I’m still out of bias tape and interfacing, so I probably won’t get any done today, but I can assemble parts and decorate exteriors and stuff. That’s really the fun part anyway.

I’ve come up with some new products for undeadclothingco, due to inspiration from my trip to Workshop, Victoire and Ma Cuisine. I’m thinking; coasters! Ma Cuisine had sets of leather coasters all wrapped up in a leather strap with a snap on it. Lovely presentation, makes a great gift! I could do that. Totally. I can even envision some kind of reverse applique going on… yes. Also, passport cover? It’s really a simplified wallet, when you think about it. And if the design on the front has something cool to do with travelling… and it can come with a matching luggage tag!

Okay, now I’m getting carried away. I’d best get to my crafting (and laundry!)

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