Headache today. And grumpy. Missed my bus trying to get to the gym today and almost went back home in protest (I didn’t though; I waited for the next one and was 10 mins late for BodyJam). I’m glad I went, because I can say I did something productive with my day. Apart from the gym, I’ve been browsing wikipedia and youtube.

No wallets today, I’m out of bias tape. I’ve seen bias-tape-makers at Fabricland; they look like mechanical devices to to help you measure and cut regular fabric into bias tape. It’s tempting, because it implies that as long as you have fabric you’ll never run out of bias tape, but I bet it’s really time-consuming.

I did set up a bigcartel page today and had my domain name forward to it. I’m not sure if I like it… it doesn’t allow you as much agency as I thought in terms of layout. If I pay ten bucks a month I get more agency, but I may as well pay ten bucks a month to angelfire and get rid of the ads (which was why I switched). Then again, angelfire doesn’t have the built-in payments system… we’ll see.

Tonight Tom asked me to go to the hockey game with him. I chose knitting circle. Got my priorities in check!

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