Between the trouble I had with the applique, and the fact that I sewed the interior in upside-down, that first wallet is a write-off. Fortunately, my second one turned out pretty great!
Thing is, for the outside of this one, I used scraps from a leather coat project…. so the leather is very very thin. I’m worried that this is the only reason it was so easy to work with… does this mean all my thicker upholstery leather is no good for wallets? That’s a sad thought.

This one didn’t take as long as the first, but it’s still pretty frigging time consuming! I guess the longest parts are; cutting the pieces, THEN interfacing them, THEN cutting them again. I’m trying to eliminate one step in this operation by interfacing the fabric first. Bias tape is also somewhat time-consuming… I guess I’ll just have to get used to that.
The good news is that materials are reasonably cheap (especially with the amount of leather I have) and they sure are fun! I’ll have to post a bunch in the business forum at craftster to see how much people might pay for them. There’s a ladyfest craft sale coming up, but I don’t think I’ll be ready in time… I should be working on xmas gifts instead of undead wallets!
We’re off to Montreal today for Chrissy’s wedding tomorrow. Can’t wait to show Lisa and Aron the fruit of my crafy labor!
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