my sewing machine made me scream about ten times yesterday. I couldn’t (can’t) figure out what’s wrong with it! I’m trying to do some applique on the front of a leather wallet, and it’s skipping stitches and getting caught and the bobbin side is a mess… so frustrating. All the technical support I get is this troubleshooting page. It says that for skipped stitches you have to lessen the thread tension, but I have mine set at ZERO! It doesn’t go any lower! If I call yarn forward they’re just going to have me bring it in, which isn’t extremely convenient on the bus in the rain. I’m going to wrestle with it a little more this morning, but fuck!!

Apart from the leather applique woes, the rest of my wallet project is going well. I went to fabricland yesterday and bought some metres of broadcloth and cotton, some prints and some solids. Also a whole bunch of little zippers; 4 for a dollar! Some bias tape, some fabric glue for the appliques… not too shabby. I wish I could make wallets for a living… but I’m also careful what I wish for.

What else? Work tonight. Should probably get to campus at some point today.

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