I don’t like to nag my significant other about the few things left unfinished in our house, but I am freezing! We still don’t have a furnace, and it’s starting to cool down! Cold fingers keep warm by typing, sewing, knitting, anything!!

So yeah, finally made guage, starting mittens. Also working on an undead wallet… the construction went pretty well; now I’m trying to do applique on the leather outside. Applique is not as easy as it looks, and leather is rather unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. Fortunately I have so much of it, it’s not like I’m wasting it on trial and error or anything. I need some stuff at Fabricland… bias tape, small zippers, lining fabric and fusible interfacing. Maybe I’ll make a pilgrimage later today. I’d like to have some product photos on the website by xmas.

Working on my thesis this morning, which is going pretty good. I had originally wanted to do the theoretical mumbo-jumbo first and get it over with, but my supervisor suggested doing the empirical part first to keep my interest and motivation up. Good call! Watching the movies in my dark office with my headphones on is definately lifting my spirits.

Was that a pun?
I think it was.

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