Aha! Motivation! In 2 forms;

1- picked up both versions of Night of the Living Dead, the new Dawn of the Dead and Land of the Dead on DVD. If I immerse myself in this undead world, my thesis I will write.

2- Got an email from the Carleton listserv about a call for papers for a conference in Mtl on community. I get a million of these calls for papers every week, but I think I might actually apply to this one. It says it’s looking especially for manifestations of globalized community as represented in art or literature. Movies isn’t that far off. I think I could make a good case. I’ll write up an abstract by January.

3- Signed up with Angelfire and got my domain name to fwd there. I also added a cool background, but it says something about myspacelayouts down the side. It needs a look of work, and my html/web-building skills need a lot of tweaking, but at least it’s started. At least the $$ I paid for undeadclothing.ca now goes somewhere. Even if all there is is a background image, a link to this blog and the words “coming soon”.

Zombies this morning, work tonight.

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