Tuesday I love the slipper pattern, Thursday I hate it.

No, I don’t hate it. I’m just annoyed at having had to restart the sides portion of the slippers 10 times. My crocheting-in-the-round is problematic… I increase when I join, making for a strange spike on one side. My mission at craft circle tonight is to determine what I’m doing wrong!

But all this crafting goodness has to come after an afternoon of dull and annoying (how can something be simultaneously dull and annoying? Doesn’t ‘dull’ imply boring and ‘annoying’ imply active frustration) meeting with the prof I’m TAing with. We have to meet to get a how-to on the new version of WebCT (which I could probably figure out for myself) and then practice grading assignments until all the TAs are consistent. Note the word UNTIL. I hope to be out of that meeting and in a decent mood by 7.

Other news; saw Resident Evil: Extinction last night. How nice to leave a theatre satisfied! That movie is great, a pleasant surprise after R.E.2 blew so hard. In addition to an enjoyable evening, the movie got me thinking excitedly about my thesis again, which is a relief. I’d been lacking inspiration as of late.

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