Today I’m conducting a workshop for the class I’m; how to do their weekly assignments. It’s not so bad, I offered to do the workshop because I was frustrated at how poorly done the assignments were last year. Each paper is a piddly mark out of 5 (which pissed me off), and having to give the majority 2/5 is downright brutal. So, from 2:30 to 4:30 I have to talk to them and they have to listen to me. Who do you feel sorry for?

Apart from this gaping wound in my day, I’m obsessed with my mom’s slippers I’m crocheting. The pattern is AWESOME; such good-looking, well-shaped slippers… not like those terrible shapeless ones you see at the Salvation Army all the time. I’d like to add a crocheted rosebud to the toes! Note to self; scour the web for a crochet rosebud pattern

What else, what else. Nothing. Slippers. Thesis.

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