A busy week, at last

Blogger says 15 people have viewed this blog. My condolences. This first attempt at blogging is admittedly halting, inconsistent and probably very random. I’ll get the hang of it one of these days.

Points of interest;

1- I bought a domain name! www.undeadclothing.ca/ is officially my property. I’m hunting for a humble graphic design student to design me some logos and get my party started. Exciting! *EDIT* -don’t bother checking out the link, there’s nothing there yet!

2 – I’m a little bit all-over-the-place with regard to my Chirstmas-mitten-extravaganza. I started swatching on the suggested size needles (which are TINY! US3!) and my guage was still way too big! I’m starting to worry that if I have to go to even smaller needles to make guage, the mittens may take too long to complete by xmas (I’m talking about 4-5 pairs, mind you). I’ve also started my mom’s Chirstmas slippers and alligator mitts for my nephew.

3 – T.A. strike is over, so I’m back to work.

4 – Thesis is not writing itself for some reason.

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