Rue Morgue Magazine’s 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need To See

Fright film fans need look no further that this indispensible guide from the experts at Rue Morgue, the world’s leading horror in culture and entertainment magazine.
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The Undead and Theology

In Clive Barker’s novella The Hellbound Heart, Frank Cotton’s search for the ultimate carnal experience leads him to discover a gateway into hell. My chapter seeks to analyze Barker’s version of hell, looking at how it relates to traditional Christian conceptions.
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When There’s No More Room In Hell: The Sociology Of The Living Dead

The recent popularity of horror films featuring zombies is indicative of social tensions surrounding racism, globalization and rampant Western consumption.
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Episode 15. Life, Death and the Tall Man: Phantasm and Phantasm II

Andrea and Alex dig up the bodies they have been burying around the city and discuss the business of death, dream logic, and some beloved character’s journeys through Don Coscarelli’s first two films in the Phantasm universe.
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Episode 14. Join Us: The Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

Alex and Andrea pack up their problems and head to a remote cabin in the woods to learn what lurks deep inside every man which leads to bloodshed and dismemberment. Hopefully, by utilizing hero and mythical analysis they’ll be able …
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The Faculty of Horror: Episode 13. Monster Brides.

With Valentine’s Day upon us again, Alex and Andrea examine the mates of classic monsters. What is their role? How big is their ring? And will it last past the wedding night?
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Jason Frame

Regalia Dentata is on Etsy!

Having sold a bunch of my handmade clay cameos on the merch table at The Black Museum, I decided to reopen my old Etsy store! What do you think?
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The Black Museum Presents: Carnival of Souls

Paul and I are so pleased to announce the launch of The Black Museum’s 2014 curriculum at our new home, the Royal Cinema! We’re kicking off on February 12th with a free screening of Carnival of Souls, and Paul and I are going to be announcing our first few lectures!
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Owen Patinging

An incredible Faculty of Horror painting!

These incredible paintings were sent to the Faculty of Horror podcast by our friend and loyal listener, the Demon of Des Moines, Owen Garth!
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